I’m home!

I just got back from South Africa today and I know many people are going to ask me about my trip. It is difficult for me to process all that God has done these past few weeks and my feelings about all of it. All I can say right now is that God is so incredibly good. I do have a story to share from today though. Right when we got back to America, we were standing in the airport waiting to board our flight to Charlotte when my friend started up a conversation with an older man and a woman (his daughter) we had briefly spoken to earlier. My friend learned that the man was flying back after attending his sister’s funeral. She had Alzheimer’s disease and had been very sick. The man said he wasn’t sad because “she was in a much better place now”. From there my friend started to ask the man some questions about where he would go after he died. The man said he believed he would go to Heaven, but he wasn’t sure how. He said his plan was to see his loved ones again but that he wasn’t very religious. My friend then started to share the Gospel with him and his daughter. As I sat nearby and listened, I realized we’re definitely not in Africa anymore. The man said his other daughter was a Christian and that he knew all about it, so he didn’t want to discuss it now. He didn’t want to talk religion. He had no certainty. No hope. He was just guessing on what would be next. That is when it sunk in. That is when I realized that we were back on our continent. Back where people claim to know everything about everything but walk blindly from day to day. My friend ended up praying out loud for the man and his daughter despite his blatant rejection and lack of interest. The man walked away in the middle of the prayer. He wasn’t just annoyed, he was angry. Deeply angry. The whole encounter made me almost break down. The mission field is everywhere. I love international missions. I love Africa. I loved seeing people really listen to the Gospel and take it in, but my heart is absolutely broken for America. My own backyard. People “know” all about Jesus here and they just blatantly reject Him “I don’t want to talk religion” they say. They are so blind and they do not care. How do you live every single day with no purpose or assurance? Without knowing the love of God, the Creator of all things? In America we shove ourselves in various distractions so we don’t have to think. We push away the Lord. We live unintentionally. We get by.

So yes, I will be posting a detailed report on what happened in South Africa hopefully this week, but I just had to share this first because the contrast between the two is so unreal. I hope to go back to ZA one day… matter of fact, I want to go all over the world and share the love and truth of God, but I will NOT sit idle until then. I cannot. Please join me in praying for America. If you think we are the richest country, you are highly mistaken. I would rather live in a house made of tin and cardboard and know the love of Christ than to live in a mansion with no hope, peace, love, or joy. Nothing compares to Him. That is what this trip taught me.



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